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CLassicS Lacrosse

In 2022, Classic lacrosse Owner Grey Sunderland reached out looking for a videographer to take on his tournament trips. we were able to produce a short highlight for all the kids on the team.

1-3 min promo Video 
3 individual player Photos


Culture CAfe

In 2024, Culture Cafe based in Bellingham, WA reached out to me looking for Short form content for their social media page. We were able to plan together some conceptual ideas for the looks he wanted to covey. As well as photos to showcase the atmosphere of the weekly events they host.


  • 5 short-form Post​

  • 30 vertical & Horazontal Photos

the Anderson Wedding

In 2022,  the Newly married Anderson couple reached out looking for a wedding videographer for their special day. We made sure to make a list of shots that needed to be captured as well as moments. This was a full 12-hour day shoot in Snoqualmie, WA.

• 2-5 min recap video


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